Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back To School Photo Winner!!

After long last--so many of you entered have been asking--I have the announcement of the winner of the Joyfolie Back to School Photo Contest.

I love to see customer photos, and I felt bad that some weeks it's admittedly a struggle to keep up with the comments on Facebook. But for the record, let me say, I thought they were all so good! Some of you went all out with old buses and massive piles of books and vintage desks. Part of the criteria was whether they had the "back to school" look. Anyway, I was impressed by the photo styling and inspired by the pictures :)

It was really hard to choose, so I whittled it down to my top few and then had the gals on our staff contribute. They were unanimous in their suggestion, which was Hayley Boone and her darling daughter in the little white jacket with the red had and Sabre booties. Congrats Hayley, you won a pair of either Callista boots, Julie or Luna shoes! Please email your address, size, and style selection to

However, as a thank you to everyone who entered and tried so hard, we are offering 25% off on one pair of our fall shoes. We didn't have a lot of submissions, but those who entered did a bang up job! Please email us after your purchase with the link to your photo on our FB page and we will credit you the discount.

Here are a few of the photos that were submitted:







Thank you to all who entered!


Amanda said...

These all look great! I think the one with girl on the hill is adorable, she looks like she is daydreaming :)

Meredith said...

They all made me smile, well all things Joyfolie make me smile <3

Jessica Haley said...

Meredith, they make me smile too! <3

Anonymous said...

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