Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY Wednesday - Curly "Fur" Vest


I am so happy to have an original DIY post for you this week. This one is especially fun, and {as with all my tutorials} easy and fairly inexpensive. Today, I will show you the step by step to make the curly "fur" vest that my daughter Mia is wearing in the photos of our new Zoe boots--coming this October.

First, I am so excited about the Zoe boots. You may have seen our Gretel boots, which sold in years past. {By the way, we have a few of those boots left in size 0-3 and 3-6 months, available here.} Whie I loved the Gretel boots and the white fur, I thought we could do something better, darker and more dramatic this season. The Zoe boots are all that and more! The faux fur is amazing. Really soft and great quality. The boots are lined with extra soft and snuggling white fleece and lace up practically to the knee. You can tighten the laces, but they have a zipper in the back for easy on and off. {Available in October--a little over a week away!}

For the wardrobe with these boots, I really wanted an interesting vest, so I decided to make one that appeared made of fur:

The vest is not fur though, it is made out of yarn and cost about $6 to make. It's really simple and requires very little sewing experience. Here is what you need:

thick, interesting "curly" yarn
white fleece
cream thread

sewing machine

First, trim cut your fleece to the desired length of your vest. In my case, Mia's was 4.5" wide and 32" long. In actuality, we are just making a textured scarf, that I belted :)

Once you have your fleece ready, unwind the yarn into an interesting heap, like this:

Take your heap of yarn and pull it so its a little larger than your piece of fleece and lay it on top. Like this:

Next, sew the yarn onto the fleece using a zig zag stitch on your machine. Then cut yarn 3" above the stitch line. It will look like this:

And like this from the back:

Working at 4" intervals, reposition your pile of yarn, sew a section in a zig zag stitch, and then trim. Basically, you are just sewing chunks of yarn onto the fleece and 4" intervals and trimming it. I found it was easiest to pile the yarn on the fleece, flip it over, and sew fleece side up. If you sew with the yarn on top and fleece on the bottom, the yarn gets caught in the foot of the machine. Over time it will look like this:

When I was finished the vest/scarf, I had 12 stitch lines. I am really sorry, I accidentally deleted the finished photos of the vest only. So, if there is any confusion, I can always take more photos. But it's a really simple concept, I just sewed chunks of yarn onto the fleece, trimmed it with the scissors, and then sewed on another overlapping chunk, until the entire piece of fleece is covered in yarn. Once I was finished, I trimmed any large pieces. As I said previously, it's really more of a scarf, which has amazing texture and is great for photos. To make it a vest, simply add a belt.

I really love the results.

It would add a great textural component to holiday photos, and of course, looks cute paired with our Zoe boots and some leggings. My daughter, the drama queen...



I hope you enjoy the tutorial and give it a try!


The Alvords said...

Totally going to try this one! When you sew with the fleece onto do you have to pin the yarn in place so it doesn't fall everywhere? Thanks!

Simone Howell said...

So cute Jessica! Love the finished look of this and had no idea from looking at it that it was yarn. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

oh my goodness - this is adorable!!! I love it!!! What a fantastic way to dress up your child in a stylish way! LOVE

Jessica said...

Regarding the pinning question, I did not pin the yarn, as it is quite thick and not too easy to grab with a pin. I just made sure that it was stitched fleece side up {with the yarn underneath}. If the yarn moved and you missed a spot, you can always flip it over a stitch in a little more yarn in the gaps :)

Jenni said...

so cute, the vest and little miss thing!

Yoli said...

I bought your Luna shoes and they are stunning. I can't wait for those boots to be available, they are perfect for our trip. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

Jessica Haley said...

So glad you are happy with them, Yoli! :)

Anonymous said...

so so cute and stylish!!!! Please make some for boys your site is hard for a lady who loves everything but dont got a girl:( lol taste are beautiful.heidi

Adin B said...

This is just so darling! It seems like I could make something like this, but in a blanket one. I would surely love to make one for my little girl (I am due this November). :) Thanks for sharing!

Adin B

Angi said...

I love your page, and this vest is AWESOME~! I am so going to make it.

BUT the autoplay music on your site is a little annoying, especially when I change pages and have to keep stopping it. Could you maybe leave it there but turn off the autoplay?

Thanks again for the vest tutorial!!

Yoli said...

When will this boot be available?

Sandy said...

Hi Jessica,

Just wanted to thank you for this awesome tutorial.
I had this weirdly looking funky yarn in my stash.
I bought it for a dollar a skein.
Totally loved it and knew some day...
And here it was. I actually just finished as I am typing this now. Funny enough mine turned out with some gaps so... another thank you for answering one of the questions to someone else above. I will just fill in the gaps.

Keep up the great work with your blog.
Just love it.

By the way...
My boy (he is 5) just totally laughed when he saw your header/border. Your son could be his twin. Seriously :)

Sandy said...

Oh, on another note.
I love your music! Have it on all the day. (almost).

Sandy said...

Just wanted to let you know...
my faux fur vest/scarf turned out awesome.
Even the hubby loved it.

All compliments to you and an easy peasy to understand tutorial.

I may want to post about it and will off course give credit to you for the idea.
Is that okay?

Jessica said...


Sorry for the delayed reply--blogger doesn't have a great way to notify of comments on older posts, and I just happen to notice yours. Of course--repost away! I want to see pictures of how your vest turned out!

Anonymous said...



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