Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY Wednesday - Mercury Glass

So, I actually had my own tutorial all worked out for you, but I just could not get all the photos I needed in time. So I am going to defer to someone else and share a great idea I have seen in numerous places on the web: DIY Mercury glass.

I used to be an avid thrifter and antique-r, dragging home forsaken pieces and giving them fresh life. Spray paint is an amazing tool in that transformation. Almost anything can be spray painted--even glass! Krylon makes mirror-colored looking glass silver spray paint. Now, it does not look like a mirror, but it is a nice silver color. So, to achieve the look of mercury glass, take a clear glass item {pendant, lamp, bottle, candle holder} and spray it with water. Before the water spots have dried, spray it lightly with Mirror spray paint--allowing the paint to have missing/clear flecks a la mercury glass. Fun and easy! You can read a step by step tutorial on Lovely Little Detail's blog here.

Here is a sneak peak at the crazy vest I made, tutorial coming next Wednesday and the Joyfolie Zoe boots coming early October!


Hana said...

Definitely gonna have to try this one out :) And loving those boots, super cute! On another note, I'm gonna be in Humble this weekend visiting my sis. I leave this afternoon and she has no idea I'm coming. Wanted to surprise her to photograph her newborn baby. How far is that from where u are?

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

oh!!!! Love those boots!!!!!!!!!!! love love love those boots!!!!!!


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