Monday, September 5, 2011

Luna Shoes - Coming September 8!

The Luna Shoe - Available September 8!

I hope that you took advantage of our Labor Day Sale and the chance to save 40%! If you didn't, you better get shopping because there are only 2 days left!

Immediately following our sale, we will be offering 3 new styles of shoes/boots on September 8, and then another 3 styles before the end of the month. So, 6 new fall shoes this month alone. We get quite a lot of emails about the frustration with our out-of-stocks and such limited inventory. I really do understand the frustration. But we came from handmade and we need to grow in a way that is scalable for us. It won't be long before the site is full and this problem is gone--my goal is 3-6 months and we will no longer have all our old styles displayed. For now, though, we need them. After all, if they were gone, we would have only three shoes! How sad would that be! So, until we are stocked in at least one or two of each of all of our signature styles, the sold out shoes will remain visible.

Sometimes I get bent out of shape about having a website of mostly out of stock styles. But, then I remember when we didn't have a website and all our sales were on a Paypal link because the shoes sold too fast for Etsy. And I remember when I didn't have any staff and a big run of sales would knock me over like a tidal wave. To grow as much as we have in the last year, I am happy. And I tell myself, especially while the children are small, to enjoy today and to not be in such a mad rush to get to tomorrow. Tomorrow often arrives in a blink anyway.

Back to the Luna shoes, this is one of the three styles coming on September 8. The others are the Julie and the Callista boot in grey. Here are a few photos of the Luna shoes:

If you have purchased one of our shoes, then you know that each pair comes with a matching clip. Here is a photo of my daughter, Mia, wearing the Luna clip on a lace crown we made together. {I will post the tutorial on Wednesday.} Her smirk is just perfect. She is smiling because every 2 seconds she tilts forward and dumps the crown off her head. She gets a kick out of watching mom pick it back up and snap the camera wildly before she dumps it again. Imp.

A photo of just the Luna Clip....
I made the tights. I hope to add fun and interesting tights to the Joyfolie site before too long! The dress is ours also, circa 2010.

I will be posting a few more photos between now and September 8. Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend!


Megan said...

jessica, mia is such a ham! :) adorable! love the shoes and cannot wait to get my hands on some boots this year ;) congrats again on the progression from etsy to now and the future, it has been so amazing watching you grow and continue to out-do your self every season!!

Christina said...

The image of Mia is fantastic! I love her expression. These are such beautiful shoes Jessica. I am excited to order them! :)

Will the second set of 3 that you are releasing include boots? Can you share the names? I can only afford 1 pair of boots this season, so I am trying to plan my order. Thanks!

Jenni said...

mia is a beauty! glad she was able to pose for some of these pictures for you!!! the shoes are beautiful!!


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