Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Wednesday - Funky 15 min Hat

I put together a funky little hat pattern for DIY Wednesday.  You can see it on my daughter Mia with her constantly playful expression whenever the camera comes out!  Please note this hat is described as funky for a reason.  It has an usual little shape {a little bit knome-ish} which was actually what I wanted.  It really will only take you 15 minutes, even if you line it.  Or, if you want the hat to have stretch, you can skip the lining part. I intentionally created a pattern that could be hand sewn easily, though if you use a machine it is faster.Photobucket
So here is what you need:

fleece or felt {I used eco-spun heathered tan felt}
wonderunder or fusible webbing
cotton print fabric
2- 18" pieces of ribbon

needle and thread or sewing machine

First, print and cut out the pattern.  Click HERE for the free pattern.  {Download the image, then print it.}

Portion one piece of enough felt, fusible webbing, and cotton so you can cut out 4 pattern pieces.  {In the picture of the one my daughter, I used polka dot fabric.  In this example, I just used red linen.}  Line felt on the bottom, then webbing, then cotton on top.  Like this:

With the iron on wool setting and lots of steam, fuse the cotton to the felt.   Next, cut out two fabric pieces with the pattern right side up, then flip it over and cut out two pieces pattern side down.  You should have 4 pieces, match them up in pairs with the felt touching and cotton outside, like this:

Now, the two minutes of sewing.  First, sew the outside arch of each pair of pieces, like shown above.  Next, open up the two pieces and sew those together.  {This is the middle edges in thh picture above.}  Your inside out hat will look like this:

Inside out, it sort of looks like a bishops hat, which would actually be pretty cute on a little baby boy.  I turned mine with the seams inside, though.  Next, sewn each a piece of ribbon on each side seam.  Don't skip this step.  The hat needs ribbon to stay on well.  Add the ribbon--that's it!  Super quick and easy little hat!

I have the how-to for the flower posted in a separate tutorial.  It is the same as the one found, only instead of yellow and tan fabric, I just used two layers of red linen.  You can see the flower tutorial here.

Here is one more photo of Mia in the funky little hat.  Hope you enjoy!! 



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