Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photo Folie - Almond, Bows, and Sparkle


First of all, so sorry for the delay on the Photo Folie!  It has been such a long week, and one of them where it's a struggle to keep up.  I created a DIY Wednesday, but didn't get it uploaded nor the photos taken :(

I did get the photo Folie post together, thankfully!  For those new to Photo Folie, I design a new pair of shoes inspired by a photo.  Photo Folie shoes are always new designs that are one-of-a-kind.  However, if it turns out that the design is really popular, there is a good chance it will end up in production as a firm-soled shoe.  {Shoes with the highest comments and Pinterest pins have a better chance of being produced.}  Today's shoes are inspired by this photo of Carrie Mulligan in a sequins top with a funky-shaped bow. 
While I really do appreciate modern trends that have a very clean aesthetic, it's just not what my girl would go to first.  I am not sure where it comes from {probably Disney} but Mia just loves anything princess.  She is always drawn to sparkle and pink.  Given her druthers, she would wear that every day.  So, I think a shoe that captures that princess/sparkle look in a way that mom loves too and isn't baby pink and plastic-y, is a shoe I know will get a lot of wear.

That's what I was shooting for with today's photo folie.  I like the almond chiffon in Carrie's shirt, the abstract shape of the bow, and the muted sparkle.  I tried to recreate all these elements in these shoes:

The shoes are made of tan suede with pearlized silver to them.  The toes are capped with almond chiffon {which I would swap for matte leather in production} and finished with a hand-stitched glittered sequins bow and petite ruffle.

Here are the shoes and the inspiration photo side by side:

The shoes, I have to say, are really cute when worn.  The color, though unusual, goes with just about anything and the bows are really sparkly, but not over the top.


I will announce the winner of the last photo folie shoes in a separate post!
I am not giving away a pair of these, but plan to do a giveaway of one of our new fall boots instead this week!
Happy weekend!!


eleffrey said...

Darling!! The bow is perfect and I adore the subtle color. Would LOVE a pair for my little Norah!

Elena Pohl

Meredith said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE these, a real life princess shoe <3

Meli (Jam Clothing) said...

omg, those shoes are amazing. :)

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks for the nice notes! These shoes are fun... My Mia loves them! :)

H.Cook said...

WOW, these are the best little girl shoes EVER!!! Please make lots of them!

Betsy said...

Amazing how you captured the essence of the blouse in the shoes! Beautiful!

Hannah @HannahHandmade said...

I LOVE THEM! Please make them for adults!!! :)

Clarissa Vargo said...

These are so cute! I love them

Molly said...

I think my most favorite Joyfolie to date!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

kara said...

These are gorgeous!!! I would love it if you could also make a pair for us adults. So that my little one and I can have matching shoes LOL

cortnieb said...

Hands down my favorite shoe! Gorgeous!!!!!!

Rebecca Sehn said...

I think these are my favourites of all time. And I love the chiffon, I wouldn't trade it!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Understated glitter is fabulous!

-Nicole Regnier Smith

Birgit F. said...

Oh Beautiful!! I just lovelovelove these!!

Lindsey said...

Just beautiful... I would wear these!!

Hana said...

Love love love the color of these.

Anonymous said...

Love these little shoes!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love this one :-)

Sarah G. said...

LOVE! One of my favorites ever.

Ben and Alex Brown said...

These colors would go with everything!!!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Those are amazing! I may be a "big girl" now, but I'm still a sucker for anything with a bow.

Eunice said...

I adore these. Please make tons of these.

Brittany said...

I absolutely adore these, they would be perfect for my flower girl! I suggest not keeping these one-of-a-kind! :)

Susan said...

I've been enjoying your blog for way too long today! These are incredible.

Angel Kho said...

Hi Jessica,

Is this still for sale? I LOVE it!

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