Friday, November 18, 2011

Photo Folie - Plum Peonies


Happy Friday!  It seems that everyone, including me, is running around this week: to classroom holiday feasts and planning for Thanksgiving.  Every year I am taken aback a little by how busy it gets.  Thus, photo Folie is dragging into the later hours tonight.

If you are just joining the Joyfolie blog, every Friday I design a new pair of shoes inspired by a photo.  Generally, I do not sell them, and they are just design practice for me.  {Actually, there was a while where I did not do this and I almost got itchy with creative energy that was waiting to get used.}  Like I said, normally, we do not sell the photo Folie shoes unless they get an overwhelmingly positive response, in which case we take them into production as one of our firm-soled designs.  This holiday, though, we are offering some soft-soled shoe inventory for our holiday release.  The photo Folie shoes over the next few weeks will be sold at that time, size 3-8 with one per size.

Today's shoes are inspired by the Wedding Chick's "Bouquet Recipes," in particular the pink, purple and succulents mix.  I was drawn to this photo by the lovely shade of plum paired with the soft and fresh green with the espresso in her skirt as the perfect backdrop for all that color.

So, I started with some super thick espresso and tan wool in a chevron print.  {I adore Chevron in all it's various forms.  In fact, you may see it in production this summer *wink.*}  I lined the shoes with organic cream {like her top} and added in the colors found in the lovely bouquet.  The result:

Sweet and soft little flats with pretty plum peonies.  They are finished with green silk that I bought in Austin and some loops of purple ribbon, reminiscent of the lilac.

I will be personally making all the flowers for these on these shoes we sell.  Joyfolie does flowers on shoes all the time, but I am really pleased with the uniqueness of the shape of these in particular, the variety of textures, and the lovely jammy shade.

Here is the inspiration photo paired with shoes:

Be sure to check back for details on our holiday release in early December.  Not only will these be available, but we have all sorts of events in the hopes of brightening the holidays for you and yours.  Have a lovely weekend!

Oh, and if you are inspired to make your own shoes in a similar palette, we just released a new pattern in size 2-6!  For more details, click here.


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