Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Handmade Holiday Part 2

Thursday, December 15 at 2 pm CST we will offer our second round of handmade inventory.  These are soft-soled shoes cut and sewn in our studio and one-of-a-kinds at only one available be size!  I am sure they will go quickly, so we also are offering 25% off our firm-soled shoes and boots now through Sunday with the code HOLIDAY 25.

A special thank you goes out to those of you who tried for these shoes on Monday night; it was a pretty wild time!  Ah, the good old days, when we always scheduled uploads of inventory.  I forgot how crazy it was.  I usually have two computers up at the same time in order to manage the FB posts and inventory.  I am sure Thursday will be... interesting, as well ;)  Like last time, we will have something special to offer those who visit us on our Facebook page during the release.

I must admit, it's a fun time for me to connect with customers.  The inner workings of growing Joyfolie keep me busier and busier, so it's nice to feel the community during that kind of sale... even if people were mad that there weren't more soft soles available!  So, without further ado, here are the photos of the soft-soled shoes available, as well as our in-stock shoes and boots currently on holiday promotion.

We have some fuchsia and gold bow flats, size 3-8 $42 {pictured with our Saidi shoes}:

Our sparkly ruby shoes, in stock and 25% off with the code HOLIDAY25 at checkout:

We will also offer the Kira flowered flats in size 3-8, $52:

Our Gold Pom Pom T-straps, size 6-8 for $58:

Mustard and Teal Bow flats in size 3-8, $42 {pictured with the Julie and Saidi shoes, in stock}:

Teal Celyn shoes, size 3-8, $42:

Our Sabrina shoes are also 25% off with the code HOLIDAY25 at checkout:

Our Zoe boots:

All the new soft-soled inventory will be listed in our website tonight, so you can see them before they become available for purchase.  On a side note to those new to Joyfolie: our soft-soled shoes sell very, very fast because there are so few of them.  Last time, a few people were angry there wasn't enough inventory.  I hear that!  But in spite of that downfall,  I love that in a world of conglomerates and despite that we are growing fast, we can still offer something one-of-a-kind... many of which I personally helped construct.  And, for those who can't get their hands on our limited edition inventory, we are jointly running the sale on our in stock shoes.  Please let me know if you have any questions!  Hope to see you Thursday at 2 pm CST!


Amy Azarov said...

I, for one, was not angry, just frustrated that the site seemed to be acting crazy. I think we all understand that they are one of a kind and that's why we we love them! Thank you for making such gorgeous shoes!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

I didn't get both pairs of shoes I wanted, but I did get one and I'm so grateful! Excited to finally get a pair of your gorgeous shoes for my girls!

Gray Maher said...

Do you sell wholesale? These are the cutest shoes I've ever seen. Ever. Assuming you don't go to Atlanta!?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica my name is Heidi Matson,
About a month I ordered one of your shoe patterns of your ETSY site, and never recieved it... You can contact me at Thank you


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