Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday, Aidan


Happy Birthday to my handsome little man! Aidan turned 7 yesterday. I thought he would be harder to photograph than his sister, but as it turns out, he was hamming it up for the camera just fine.  Aidan is my adorable little firecracker.  Unlike his sister, Aidan is not eager to please. He has his own opinions about everything and marches to the beat of his own drum. Admirable qualities in an adult, but in a child... he, he. I love my boy, and he sure does give me a run for my money! I love my strong-willed little man, always and forever. Happy Birthday to my 7 year old boy! 

On a side note, as for as siblings, I don't think they could be any more different. Aidan is quiet and pensive; Mia is outspoken. Mia is very conscientious of others; Aidan is more interested in the pursuit of his own passion. With Aidan, I could be in the midst of the most serious measures of discipline, and he will look at me straight int he eyes and say "no." For Mia, I only need to give her a look of disapproval and she starts to cry. For those of you with more than one child, do you find your children to be similar or different?


Meredith Blunt said...

Lovely portrait of your boy Jessica!

Bronwyn and Elliott have similarities but their personalities are entirely different. Bron is strong-willed yet eager to please. She wants us to be proud and understanding of her own little ways. She's methodical, literal and very practical (as in she refuses to give her toys silly names, her stuffed bunny is Bunny, kitty is Kitty and she gets really irritated at suggestions otherwise. Things are called what they are!)and yet despite being quite a serious miss she has a VERY bizarre sense of humour :D . Elliott, though only 10 months, is loud, clownish, happily pleased with himself and life, carefree and adventurous. We'll see how they change as they grow but oh do I love seeing their individuality develop!

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday Aiden! He looks so handsome {and so grown up in that picture}!

As for Kyan and Lola, SO VERY DIFFERENT! Like night and day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthay Aiden!! Gosh, I remember when he was 5 and Mia was 2, I have loved seeing them grow up. I think one of the things that has pulled me in to your life and blog is when I hear you describe your 2 it almost has me convinced that you are talking of my 2. Princeton and Paris are so so different, my sugar and spice for sure. I hope Mia had a wonderful birthday and I'm hoping Aiden has a special day as well! Much love and hugs, Prencie

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

What a cutie - happy birthday!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Aiden! And belated birthday to you too Mia!
To answer your question...
I have six!
And they are all so totally different.
My Timothy is more like your Aiden. (even looks a lot like him) I can be telling Timothy to simmer down and he will still dare to tell me "NO".
But it is a quality I love in him.
He is himself and will not have others tell him anything.
Way to go
Stay as you are Aiden.
That is what makes you YOU!

Jessica said...

Meredith, you gave such a beautiful description, so very well written. I especially love that your little miss gets irritated at improper names. She sounds so grown up already!

Prencie, then you know exactly what I mean! So nice to see you pop over to comment :)

Sandy, it's wonderful to hear you affirm his fiery spirit. I remember talking about his strong will with one of his preschool teachers years back. His teacher said her son was the same way, and she used to pray God would send people to like her son. Ha! It sounds terrible, but I know exactly what she means! When Aidan was a toddler, he would sometimes bite the nape of my neck when I was trying to put him down for nap time! I remember worrying if he would be okay making friends. As he has grown, though, his passion is more tempered by self-control, despite some occasional moments. Nonetheless, I think if that kind of passion can be directly towards something meaningful--what a force to be reckoned with!

Sarah G. said...

What a wonderful photo of Aiden. My second one is only 5 days old, so I can't join the conversation of sibling differences yet... although there's already differences in little things like style of nursing. I love hearing you talk about your two, and I love that there are strong willed people out there such as Aiden that have understanding parents such as you to raise him so he can use and direct that passion as an adult. He'll be such an amazing contribution to our world and society, and I'm afraid too many children with such temperaments spend their lives being squelched and tamed instead of honored and affirmed as they become adults.

Baby Shoes said...

Meredith, you gave such a beautiful description, so very well written. I especially love that your little miss gets irritated at improper names. She sounds so grown up already!

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