Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Robert!


Tuesday was Robert's birthday.  This is quite an old picture of us, but it's still the most recent one I have of him.  Yes, you heard me right, another birthday; my entire family's birthdays are in one week.  It's the bustle of the holiday season; plus, with Robert in the wine industry, he has a full schedule.  It's such an overwhelming time of year for us!   I miss blogging.  I miss DIY posts.   My house is cluttered with pages of sales notes, bundles of swatches, style sketches for next season, toy boxes from the children's birthday gifts {they won't let me throw them out just yet} and a trail of birthday streamers I still haven't cleaned up.

Robert is a wonderful man: an attentive husband and a caring father.  We went out to his favorite restaurant on his birthday, just our little family.  The kids helped me wrap a pile of presents, and I thought we would have a relaxing but celebratory, low-key dinner.  It didn't turn out quite like how we planned.  First, Mia cried relentlessly at the restaurant because we left her pink crayon at home.  We tried to console her, but the only thing that made her stop crying was to scamper under the table to eat butter crackers.  Aidan wasn't any better, crying for a solid ten minutes {no exaggeration} because they put parsley on his fettuccine alfredo.  So, Robert and I were holding hands across the table as Mia was under it eating crackers and Aidan was sobbing.  We look into each others eye and laugh because... this is our life.  Life with children and careers is a wild, crazy ride.  As it was, the evening did swing around.  A wonderfully prepared meal helped, and the children eventually perked up right around dessert--go figure.  All in all, it was still a happy, if not wild, memory.  And so, Happy Belated Birthday, to Robert, my love!


Baby Jungle said...

OMG you two are such a gorgeous couple! And I can sooo see both of your kids in boh of you - does this make sence? =o)

Sandy said...

Such a loving photo! Thank you for sharing it with us!
Happy Birthday to your whole family!
Love the "true" story of the birthday dinner.
Have a great weekend.

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Tuesday was my husband's birthday too - happy birthday to Robert!

Jack said...

That yarn you are wearing is so gorgeous .... any ideas what it is? I have a son with reddish hair and it would look so handsome on him ;)


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