Thursday, December 1, 2011

Latte for Your Thoughts

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Awhile back I blogged about how I was considering giving up coffee.  Well, a few weeks later, and I definitely have cut back.  I would say most days I have green tea, and some days {especially Saturdays} I break out the French press.  I do feel healthier, fresher, and not so sluggish in the morning.  I still drink coffee, just less often, and savor it even more when I do.  However, today I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and hoping I will find the solutions to my problems at the bottom of a venti soy misto.  Yes, you heard me, one giant cup of coffee.  My little man's birthday is today, so I want to take a few photos of him.  {He is much less hammy than his sister, so it won't be easy.}  We also have both children's family party and kid party over the weekend.  But, I am also inundated with work projects.  I swore up and down last year that I wouldn't let work steal the joys of the holidays for the kids, so I will hold to that.  Nonetheless, with my entire family's birthdays in a one week span and a daunting list of things to do... it is busy, indeed.

To that end, I might have to forgo DIY's for the month of December.  I love DIYs--love them.  And I have materials for about 2 months worth of projects and some great Christmas ones, too.  So, I hate to cut them out, but I don't know if I can manage it.  If I can swing it, I will drop some in at random times.  If not, I found some great ones on the web, and will try to repost some of my favorites on Wednesdays.

If you are wondering why I have so much to do, part is attributed to the 9 new styles coming out in January.  Yes, 9 styles--yay!  I think you will love them., especially the boots.  These styles are a little more feminine this go around with touches of sparkle and notes of the perfect shade of burnt, blush pink.  Additionally, since this is the first year we are taking the shoes into production, all the seasons end up mushed together.  So I am designing summer and fall '12 simultaneously--and very behind with both, to be honest.  So, here I am, looking for a bit of magic in my coffee cup, and so far only turning up the jitters.  But, in truth, how can I possibly complain, as it's all wonderful things to keep me busy.  Wishing the same for you, whatever your Wednesday brings... hustling, bustling joy, but with moments of quite and rest interspersed.



The Alvords said...

Can NOT wait to see the new styles coming in January! Enjoy this joyous season with your sweet babies and family.

Hana said...

Giving up coffee...wah?!! I just got started on coffee, lol! and I'm addicted now.

Jessica said...

Hana, I know, right!!! With coffee, there is a lot to love :)

I have been drinking it almost my whole life! Regularly since early high school! I thought it would make me feel a little healthier to cut back a bit... so far, I have :)


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