Thursday, March 31, 2011

Design a Day - Day 29 (the Color Denim)


Let's face it, denim has become the go-to fabric and essentially considered a neutral in putting together outfits. {Denim goes with everything, right!} So, why not put baby girl in a fun pair of denim flats? All the versatility of denim jeans, and, to keep it interesting, why not add a little flower and some ruffle....

Thus, you get the Jane shoe. This is actually an old {old!} design that I first made as little infant booties back in 2008. I always loved the punchy pink paisley lining and found a scrap of it today. So, why not bring these back!

Because it is en vogue to mix denim, these shoes would be great with this adorable little Redfish dress or this cute little polka dot top by Marc Jacobs.


And for Mom? What about this adorable and super affordable $34 dress from Ruche!

The little shoes are size 7. They are called Jane. One pair, available here. Only one more Design a Day to go!!
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Design a Day - Day 28 (Spring Boots)

Photo credit: vintage buttons on Etsy, style montage from Decor8, yellow dress, fanciful forest princess photo

I can't believe the launch of our firm-soled shoes is almost here! For those of you new to Joyfolie, when we started it was just me. I was teaching and on the side, just for a hobby, sewing little booties. Demand grew very quickly, and I learned how to expand, first through local staff and then through a manufacturer. It look a long time to find someone who could transition our shoes with the careful, hand-done details of our origins, but... we are almost there! I am targeting the second week of April to open pre-orders on three styles of our very first firm-soled shoes! It's so exciting! They are all peep toes in bright, happy colors that are perfect for summer and summer weddings. I know you will love them! {I will have photos for you soon!}

In the mean time, carrying on with Design a Day shoes has been increasingly challenging as the launch date gets closer and closer. You would be amazed at all the detail that goes into a little pair of shoes! Anyway, on to {technically yesterday's} shoe design.

I have been wanting to do a new boot pattern... something happy and fun and unique. These little boots are spring boots. They are light and colorful. The body of the boot is made out of a woven plastic fabric made from recycled milk cartons. They have an accordion-type opening. The buckle slides open to get your little one's foot in, then tightens snug, whether that is over jeans or just bare feet.

I felt so bad when some of you said you spent a long time refreshing last night! It has been so difficult to fit in a new shoe design, that I rushed with these shoes... cutting as many corners as I could, as the sun was slipping down in the sky. I had about 20 minutes to sunset when I finally took this photo. Drafting a pattern is always a new endeavor, and I would like to refine the pattern a bit, and make it better. A long way of saying, I am not selling this pair of boots because they are not as polished as I would like. In just a few days, though, you can vote on your favorite Design a Day shoes, and I will manufacture the favorite(s).

Please continue to check back as all these details rapidly unfold! In the mean time, if you have questions about our current inventory or the Design a Day concept, please click here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tell a Friend Tuesday is Back!

Want to be the very first to get your hands on a pair of Joyfolie firm-sole shoes? Now you can! Because we are so close to the launch of our new line of shoes, I thought I would bring back Tell a Friend Tuesday! This is a Facebook-driven giveaway; click here for the link. You have to simply click share and leave a comment on the original photo in Facebook. Contest will be open until noon tomorrow CST. The winner will receive a firm-soled pair of Piper shoes size 5* pictured above, which I will announced on Thursday. So, don't forget to tell your friends about Joyfolie today!

*note: the winning pair will vary slightly from this photo. They are one of our initial samples, and not identical to the Piper shoes we will be offering soon.
Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crafty Projects for the Home


Through most of Robert and I's early married life, I was an avid DIY-er. Thrifter, antique-r, stainer, painter, renovator--you name it! What I was not, actually, was a sewer. I made a few roman shades, a dress, a blanket, or pillow here and there. I remember being pregnant with Aidan, and sewing a cover for shelves in the nursery similar to this one from Land of Nod. It was hot, the sewing machine wasn't working properly, and I remember saying in my head many, many times that I hated sewing and I would never have anything to do with it ever again. {God, of course, was having a good chuckle.}

Anyway, I love DIY projects. I seldom do any right now. Nonetheless, I found a couple fun and easy ones on the internet and thought I would share. First is this beaded, old-looking chandelier from the blog Dollar Store Crafts:

It's made from some Mardi Gra beads, a wire basket, and a can of spray paint. Isn't it great! Add a light kit, and you're in business! I think this would be even more fun in a dusty blue.. bright coral or yellow! See the tutorial here.

Next, check out this fun moss letter tutorial on my friend Jennifer's blog of Dear Lillie.

I love this look and it can be made for just a handful of dollars! Our home is predominantly shades of green, so this would fit in just fine! See the tutorial here.

Finally, another fun and thrifty project: a simple little wreath made from tissue paper. The bright pink packs a punch, but this would also be great in a softer/earthy color or even a brown and white polka dot or some other print... then tie it off with a big ribbon! For the how-to click here.

I always love to see the innovation of the human mind and the creative ideas people cook up! You could do all of these projects for under $20! Have a great weekend!
Thursday, March 24, 2011

Design a Day - Day 27 (Cork!)

Kimono Kiss flower by Silla Soup and DIY Romantic Fort by Design Sponge

Today's shoes are drawn from a mix of inspiration, a Persian, ethnic, cranberry red like in these lovely photos above. Next, add in a bit of pattern and some cork fabric fabric with amazing texture and you get....

a fun and funky little pair of shoes. They have lots of crisscross straps that give them interest and make them a bit more casual. For a wardrobe selection, why not pair them with any of these colorful assortments from Maan.

Back to the shoes, they have the look of a sandal, but the functionality of a shoe, which I like. {Less mulch/sand issues at the playground.} The shoes are called Pauke {pronounced pow-cah} named after a dear friend of mine. They have a hand stitched chiffon flower. There are one pair, available here.

Additionally, I have some more pairings of pattern and light and red... Bubbles photo, adorable child portrait by My Framed Photography, Confetti Photo by Marie Hochhouse, and Blooming Radish from Spool No.72.

Here is one final photo of the shoes. From this angle, I was wishing a little that I would have added a strap up and around the ankle {like a gladiator sandal.} One thing about the Design a Day shoes, the time frame is always tight. I am always rushing... Often I snap the photos in mad dash, using any background in sight, while trying to keep the kids from rearrange or pulling any props out of the frame. But I am still thankful for the daily chance to create. I will miss it... thought I will be glad to have an extra 3-4 hours every day!

Here is one last photo of the Pauke shoes :)

For more about Design a Day, click here.
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Design a Day - Day 26 (Pink Polka Dot)

<span class=
Polka Dot Straws, Fingerless Bow Gloves, Pensive Photo, Frill belted Dress

Oh, what a day! I feel like I have been hitting the ground running from morning to night with never a rest betwixt one moment and the next! I was at a meeting during most of the day, came home to a full house of guests {Aidan and Mia love their annual visit from Grandma and Grandpa}, and somewhere in the middle of it all, had to whip up a new design. I have several new ideas I really want to make, but they require drafting entirely new patterns. Today I was rushing... trying to quickly get something together before losing the last rays of sunlight.

I was contemplating the styles I have done, and I actually don't do nearly as much with pink as you would guess for little girl shoes. So, I pulled out some remnant reclaimed pink and black polka dot fabric. It's fun, vintage-y, and girlie, especially when paired with a little peep toe!
<span class=

They have ruffled a chiffon rosette. They are called Madeline, one pair in size 7 available here. For more about the Design a Day series and when we will launch our firm-soled shoe line {very soon!} click here.

In that color scheme, here is a coordinating photograph of pretty tome and this cute little house mobile.
<span class=

Today, as I said, has been a long, long day. As mentioned, I was in a meeting, and I had to take Mia with me because it was the only time that worked. After sitting and being sweet and content, Mia announced that she had to use the restroom... and we got there only to discover she had wet her pants. {Poor little thing.} She had a dress on, so we had a little talk about modesty and sitting carefully; I told her we would fix it as soon as we got to the car. I returned to the meeting, trying to focus on facts and figures, while making sure to simultaneously keep a careful eye on Mia, knowing there was a pair of wet undies soaking into the lining of my purse. Ah! The life of a mom! I would like to tell you that I have extraordinary powers to efficiently get things done. But the truth is that I juggle. Some days I feel like it goes pretty good, and other days it feels like I am falling behind at everything. But, I just keep on keeping on... and look behind sometimes, to remind myself how far I have really come.

I will leave you with one final photo on the topic of polka dots. I love this picture of a mother and daughter; it captures the intimacy so well!
<span class=

Happy Wednesday!
Monday, March 21, 2011

Design a Day - Day 25 (Aqua and Persimmon)


Aqua and persimmon, coral and turquoise--they are classic pairings that pack a punch. Similarly, today's Design a Day shoes are happy and colorful. What's more fun than ruffles, especially when they are persimmon!

This shoe style is so cute when worn... if I had all the time in the world {which I do not, still not much sleeping for Jessica these days!} I would have photographed them on my Mia. If you think they look cute like this, you should see them on a foot! Or better yet, paired with some crazy graphic tights. I have a thing for cute socks and tights... Mia and I each have our own respective collection. People ask a lot about where I find the tight in the photos. Some of them are your typical Target fair, but often times I make them. I look forward to our brand branching out in that option as we grow.

Back to the shoes, they are called Camille. I am honestly not sure what the fabric is; it has a vintage thick chiffon-type of feel. They are very similar to the Amelie, but with a finished edge. I have one pair available here. For more about Design a Day and our firm-sole shoe launch {coming soon!!!} please click here.

Do you remember that green seersucker dress from yesterday by Judith March? Well, you really should check out her site--lots of fun little dresses, like the orange-accented one below. I will wear a lot in the name of fashion, I just wish {toting two kiddos} strapless was a little more practical. But I love this dress all the same!

Happy Monday!
Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Very Special Thank You!

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege
and opportunity to give something back

-A. Robbins

I want to extend a heart-felt thank you to those of you who helped raise $2,225 in donations for Japan in only one 24 hour period! Wow! Alisha came to my rescue and helped me very carefully tally all the raffle entries in an excel spreadsheet and draw the winner via So, without further ado, the winners of the shoes are:

#28 Rocky Blouin
#149 Rachel Murray

Again, thank you to everyone for your generosity! Thank you to Danielle Caselli who donated the highest individual amount of $500 and is the winner of the Gemma dress and Pink Harlow shoes--wow!

We appreciate for your kind hearts, especially in the midst of trying economic times. For more amount Giving Children Hope and to learn exactly how the money will be used, you can visit their website.

Design a Day - Day 24 (Seaglass Ballets)

Sea Photo from Here

Live in the sunshine,
swim the sea,
drink the wild air…

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I don't know what it is about the color sea glass, a little dusty and somewhere in between green and blue, I tend to pick this color over and over. Maybe it's a subconscious yearning for a little sand and sea and all things tranquil. So, it's no surprise that I have a Design a Day shoe in that color family.

However, before I delve into that, let me share my apologies for running behind on the Design a Day series. There have been a couple key projects {in combination with having the kiddos home for spring break} that made it impossible to get it all done. But, I have to say, if you like our handmade shoes, you will love our firm-soled shoes even more. We took all the qualities of our handmade roots, and transition them into a more durable shoe, with all the careful, thoughtful details you would expect from Joyfolie. You will love them, I'm sure... I can't wait to show you!

Back to today's shoes, these are a redo of a very popular old design, which customer's dubbed the Cinderella shoe. These little flats aren't revolutionary, but a more refined version of that initial design. They are the perfect shade of seaglass, have a lovely textural component, and have a hand cut, hand stitched cream linen flower.

I know that those of you with wee little babe's are concerned about straps. Please know that I have taken this into consideration, and some of our designs with include a strap for smaller sizes. Generally, though, I prefer a simple flat. Mia can slide them on and off on her own, and it keeps the design clean and simple.

I think the reason these shoes were so popular in the past is because little girls love them for the cinderella colors, but they are not too princess-y nor dressy. Wear them with this nostaligic playwear from Olive's Friend Pop:

In another tip of the hat to my fav color, mom can wear a soft and sweat little sea glass dress, either in a flow-y version by Sarah Seven or casual summer seer sucker by Judith March.

I have a few more inspirational sea glass colored photos for you, an aqua chandelier and elusive mask photo...

And a gorgeous beaded wedding gown photographed by Elizabeth Messina, juxtaposed with a sea-worn and weathered door...

I almost forgot, the shoes are called Eva, there is one pair available here.
Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Design a Day - Day 23 (For Japan)

In the wake of the widespread tragedy and loss of Japan, I have a special Design a Day post. I cannot begin to understand their grieving and the impact it is having on their daily life. I am in Houston, and we lived through Hurricane Ike. It was nothing even comparable to what people in Japan are suffering through. But we did see homes with trees crashed through roof tops, fences torn apart... we lived without electricity for two weeks. Life as we knew it shut down in a surreal sort of way. So, my thoughts and prayers go to those who are suffering, and I think it is the testimony of the human spirit that we can band together and support those on the other side of the globe.

So, for today's Design a Day, I have two pairs of shoes, one size 6 and one size 8. Rather than having the option to purchase them, you have the opportunity to donate $5 to Giving Children Hope to aid in their relief work in Japan. Each $5 donation is an entry. I will collect donations for the next 24 hours. At the end of that time period, I will select two winners for the shoes below. Each donation is an entry; you can enter as many times as you wish.

Thank you for your help and kindness in supporting the children who are suffering in Japan!

**Donations to enter in the raffle for the shoes are now closed. If you would still like to give, please visit Giving Children Hope. Thank you to everyone who entered!**

Since I had so many of you ask how to donate larger dollar amounts, I have decided that in addition to raffling off the two shoes above, I will donate a pair of Pink Lace Harlow Shoes {size 7} and a Gemma dress {any size 12m-4T} to whoever donates the highest amount.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Design a Day - Day 22 (Kodachrome)

Flower by Amy Butler, Recycled Sweatshirt Pillows from Apartment Therapy,
Cotton Reels print by Lola's Room, Crayon storage idea by A Little Sussy

After a string of white and silver and neutral, it was time for a splash of color and a bit of pattern. After all, spring can't be that far away, so why not bid its entry with a bit of fanciful color... and thus, the Kodachrome shoe. Inspired by the lyrics below:
"Give us the nice bright colors
give us the greens of summers
makes you think all the world
is a sunny day... oh yeah..."
-Paul Simon

I think the Paul Simon quote from yesterday had his songs running through my mind again today. The whole time I made these shoes, all I could think of was the lyrics of "Kodachrome." I grew up in the country. We has a lama, three goats, rabbit, dogs, fish, cat... a real ensemble of animals. We were a 15 minute drive from the nearest gas station. I remember roller blading the country streets to Paul Simon on my walk man. {Roller blading! Walk Man?! Am I really that old?!} Good times, though.

Back to the shoes, I had some amazing vintage green leather that I had been wanting to use. Nicole brought this fun and funky little print to the studio today, and I thought they were the perfect pairing. Baby girl can wear her happy little shoes, mom can wear this fanciful, colorful necklace from Anthropologie, and together you can have lunch al fresco on a spring afternoon {like in the photo below.}

In honor of Paul Simon, the shoes are called Kodachrome. There is one pair, available here. For more about Design a Day, and when we will open pre-order sales on our new line of firm-soled shoes, click here.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Design a Day - Day 21 (White)

White peacock photo from Home Biba, Porcelain Lace bowls by Hideminy, and Plastic Spoon Brooch by Can't Stop Making Things

There is a soothing quality to white. It's versatile, comforting, and can even be warm. And, let's face it, white is a wardrobe staple. But sometimes, it's the little details that take something beyond bland wardrobe staple to exceptional. {On the topic of exceptional, be sure to check out the white flower tutorial above, made from melted plastic spoons! Wow!}

On to today's shoe, I tried to take the wearable components of white, and make it practical. These shoes are made from reclaimed cream patent leather with a bit of tan distressing. The shoes have a soft and silky over-sized bow. To keep the shoes from being too fancy, the bow has tan contrast stitching. The shoes are simple, but the scale of the bow, the durability of the leather, and the detail of the stitching make them interesting. The satin in the bow also has a lovely sheen, that makes the shoes wearable with white or cream. I prefer no strap on this design, but if we were to manufacture it, I would add one for the itty bitty sizes.

Here is another photo, so you can see the sheen to the patent leather...

I can imagine some little girl wearing them, skipping through this amazing photograph of this fanciful, fairytale forest.

Here is one more photo of the shoes worn with sparkly skirt and swiss dot tights {from Target.} I have not put the shoes into the site yet... I will leave that for tomorrow.
Happy Monday!
Saturday, March 12, 2011

Design a Day - Day 20 (Silver)

Photo credit, clockwise from top left: baby's breath and votive, vintage ring, beautiful silver dining room, and stunning silver sequin dress by JCrew.

“Sail on, Silver girl, Sail on by
Your time has come to shine
All your dreams are on their way
See how they shine”
~Paul Simon

There is something enchanting about silver: the way it reflects light, reminiscent of a fairytale. I think it's for that reason that I wanted to keep making silver shoes over and over, and it took me forever to gather this post together. Someone asked me if I am getting tired of Design a Day. The answer is an emphatic no. In fact, as I have only ten left, I feel a bit panicked--there are so many designs I still have in mind, how will I choose?!

Additionally, I had so many beautiful silver images, and I wanted to share quite a few of them, like this necklace, which carries such an inspiring message, not too far off of my own philosophy.

On to today's shoes, I created two pairs, one dressy and one more casual. These shoes are both made from the same fabric, a cracked faux silver leather, that reflects lightin unusual ways. The first pair of shoes are called Luna. They have a t-strap and grey scallop detail at the toe.

They are called Luna. I have one pair in size 6 available here.

I think they would be adorable the outfit on the left with little knee socks, and mom can sport this fun and inexpensive little dress from H&M.

And, because I was so smitten with silver, I did one additional pair of shoes. These are a bit fancier. The have a hand-stitched torn slate rosette with a little button at the center. I wish I did a better job capturing the buttons, which almost have a mercurial-type feel to them.

These shoes are called Farrah. I have on pair available here.

Finally, I will leave you with a fun DIY project, full of silver and shades of texture! Photobucket


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