Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy Kids


If you are wondering about the week long blogging hiatus, I can explain. We rented a beach house on Lake Michigan in our old stomping grounds, Holland, Michigan. I had every intention of working the entire trip. I packed and set up so many details that would enable me to work remotely. But, as it turns out, there are still some places on the planet that don't get cell phone coverage--and our beach house was one of them. At first I tried to fight it, but it was so inefficient working with slow to no internet, that I gave up and took it as God's way of ordaining a true break.

So, we played in the sand, hung out with old friends, had camp fires at night... went to the farmer's market, ate at outdoor cafes. It was such a wonderful time--and over in a blink. You would think I have lots of amazing beach photos of Aidan and Mia, but most of them look like the one above. Those crazy kids! There is an old fashioned candy store on the cobblestone downtown street in Holland. The kids were hopped up on sugar and having the time of their lives when I snapped this. I know we created wonderful memories for them on this trip, and that's a great feeling.

Back to blogging, I do have intentions of getting back into the habit once we get into August. {Right now I am working against a few production deadlines for spring.} Come next week though, I would love to do more blog-sponsored giveaways, and create some regular blog posts like when I used to do photo fridays. I am not sure of topics yet... whether it is new designs like photo friday, DIY's, photo editing, etc. I also love topics on parenting, as it was always my goal to develop a sense of community amongst those blazing the parenthood trail together. Feel free to offer up some suggestions! Hope your summer is lovely and filled with fun in the sun thus far!

P.S. In case you missed it, our three new firm-sole styles are in stock and will ship in 24 hours of purchase!
Saturday, July 16, 2011

Available Now!


Isn't this a stunning photo by Leah Profancik! Our Sabre shoes {shown in the photo} are available now!!

As are our Charlotte shoes, shown in this lovely post by Whimsy and Style. Special thanks to both photographers for the lovely photos! My Mia won't do anything for me any more by way of modeling. {She kicked off our fall boot samples literally in 10 seconds yesterday!} So, it's fun to see such lovely shots! If you have been waiting for Joyfolie shoes, you can purchase them now! Also, we will have quite a lot more styles available by the end of September. Also it won't be long until we will tell you our fall retailer we have been hinting about! :)
Friday, July 15, 2011

Mother and Daughter


Isn't this photo by Jaime Lackey amazing? I want a photo taken of Mia and I composed just like this. Actually, it's a good representation of the vision of Joyfolie, which will be shifting a bit over the course of the year. We have always been about little girl's shoes, of course: outfitted and inspired by Mia. However, our woman's items will be growing, as we launch our first line of ladies shoes this fall/holiday. Similarly, I hope to build our accessories to feature items that are intended to be shared by mother and daughter: feminine brooches, textile necklaces, etc. This will be an exciting year for Joyfolie, so I hope you will stay tuned!
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

little.lovely... and a shoe giveaway

Goodness. Where does the time go? I will get back into my blogging routine soon, I swear. Pinky promise. Right now I am busy with three seasons of product {summer, fall, spring} all at the same time: receiving, producing, designing. Just last year, we were hand-making in our studio. Designing one day and selling next week. The production schedule is so different now--exciting, but busy all the same. Of course, I am trying to do all this with two kiddos home. Mia has taken an affinity for oreo cakesters and leaves hansel-and-gretel crumb trails through the house. Half the time when I write emails, she swings from my arm like a monkey. Aidan has been a really sweet boy. Yesterday he told me, "You're my best friend." I am pretty sure he got the line from a cartoon, but it felt good all the same.


Since I barely have time to blog anymore, I thought I would recommend a good one to you: little.lovely. It's curated by the equally lovely Khali Whatley and includes a health gamut of parenting topics, ranging from celebrating to decorating, cooking to creating. It's a happy and hip blog with a fresh atmosphere.

Here are a few of my recent favs on
little. lovely: a lemonade stand party theme




So, be sure to visit little. lovely. Also, if you visit soon, you can enter into a giveaway for a pair of Joyfolie shoes! So, don't delay, head over, say hi to Khali and check out her fresh read at little. lovely. Don't forget to like the little. lovely facebook page and follow all the instructions to win a pair of our shoes!

To enter in the giveaway, click here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Sand and The Sea

beautiful image by the Wheat Field

I long for salt air in my hair
and sad between my toes

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! Robert had to work, so the kids and I set out for the gulf coast! We met up with Tristian of Gracylu Originals and her kiddos, and played in the sand and sea!

The kids are getting older, which makes trips easier and more exciting. We left in the early morning, had doughnuts and chocolate milk for the kids for breakfast on the long drive down. They had their little smiling faces on, eager for adventure. I love that--soul of my soul!

Aidan loves the water more than the sand. He keeps super clean and washed his hands carefully in the surf before every snack.


Mia was quite the opposite. Digging in the sand as much as she possibly could and find a jolly good time in a bit of mess. She kept insisting on rubbing my legs with sand and sprinkling it on my arms.

My girl...

However you spent your holiday, I hope it was lovely!

Also, all pre-orders have shipped. We are having trouble integrating our email shipping notification, but they are all en route and arriving to you shortly! Hopefully I will get back to blogging better soon! :)


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