Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Handmade Holiday Part 2

Thursday, December 15 at 2 pm CST we will offer our second round of handmade inventory.  These are soft-soled shoes cut and sewn in our studio and one-of-a-kinds at only one available be size!  I am sure they will go quickly, so we also are offering 25% off our firm-soled shoes and boots now through Sunday with the code HOLIDAY 25.

A special thank you goes out to those of you who tried for these shoes on Monday night; it was a pretty wild time!  Ah, the good old days, when we always scheduled uploads of inventory.  I forgot how crazy it was.  I usually have two computers up at the same time in order to manage the FB posts and inventory.  I am sure Thursday will be... interesting, as well ;)  Like last time, we will have something special to offer those who visit us on our Facebook page during the release.

I must admit, it's a fun time for me to connect with customers.  The inner workings of growing Joyfolie keep me busier and busier, so it's nice to feel the community during that kind of sale... even if people were mad that there weren't more soft soles available!  So, without further ado, here are the photos of the soft-soled shoes available, as well as our in-stock shoes and boots currently on holiday promotion.

We have some fuchsia and gold bow flats, size 3-8 $42 {pictured with our Saidi shoes}:

Our sparkly ruby shoes, in stock and 25% off with the code HOLIDAY25 at checkout:

We will also offer the Kira flowered flats in size 3-8, $52:

Our Gold Pom Pom T-straps, size 6-8 for $58:

Mustard and Teal Bow flats in size 3-8, $42 {pictured with the Julie and Saidi shoes, in stock}:

Teal Celyn shoes, size 3-8, $42:

Our Sabrina shoes are also 25% off with the code HOLIDAY25 at checkout:

Our Zoe boots:

All the new soft-soled inventory will be listed in our website tonight, so you can see them before they become available for purchase.  On a side note to those new to Joyfolie: our soft-soled shoes sell very, very fast because there are so few of them.  Last time, a few people were angry there wasn't enough inventory.  I hear that!  But in spite of that downfall,  I love that in a world of conglomerates and despite that we are growing fast, we can still offer something one-of-a-kind... many of which I personally helped construct.  And, for those who can't get their hands on our limited edition inventory, we are jointly running the sale on our in stock shoes.  Please let me know if you have any questions!  Hope to see you Thursday at 2 pm CST!
Monday, December 12, 2011

Handmade Holiday Part 1


As promised, we have some new soft-soled shoes available this evening at 9 pm CST!   These are entirely handmade in our studio and one-of-a-kinds at only one available be size!  I am sure they will go quickly, so we also are offering 25% off our firm-soled shoes and boots now through Sunday with the code HOLIDAY 25.

We have 5 more styles which we will offer Thursday at 2 pm CST.  We have be starting with the following three styles available below:

Plum Peony Flats:

Gold Chevron Shoes:

Pumpkin and Stripes Skimmers:

Photos of the additional styles on Thursday will be posted soon!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Robert!


Tuesday was Robert's birthday.  This is quite an old picture of us, but it's still the most recent one I have of him.  Yes, you heard me right, another birthday; my entire family's birthdays are in one week.  It's the bustle of the holiday season; plus, with Robert in the wine industry, he has a full schedule.  It's such an overwhelming time of year for us!   I miss blogging.  I miss DIY posts.   My house is cluttered with pages of sales notes, bundles of swatches, style sketches for next season, toy boxes from the children's birthday gifts {they won't let me throw them out just yet} and a trail of birthday streamers I still haven't cleaned up.

Robert is a wonderful man: an attentive husband and a caring father.  We went out to his favorite restaurant on his birthday, just our little family.  The kids helped me wrap a pile of presents, and I thought we would have a relaxing but celebratory, low-key dinner.  It didn't turn out quite like how we planned.  First, Mia cried relentlessly at the restaurant because we left her pink crayon at home.  We tried to console her, but the only thing that made her stop crying was to scamper under the table to eat butter crackers.  Aidan wasn't any better, crying for a solid ten minutes {no exaggeration} because they put parsley on his fettuccine alfredo.  So, Robert and I were holding hands across the table as Mia was under it eating crackers and Aidan was sobbing.  We look into each others eye and laugh because... this is our life.  Life with children and careers is a wild, crazy ride.  As it was, the evening did swing around.  A wonderfully prepared meal helped, and the children eventually perked up right around dessert--go figure.  All in all, it was still a happy, if not wild, memory.  And so, Happy Belated Birthday, to Robert, my love!
Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday, Aidan


Happy Birthday to my handsome little man! Aidan turned 7 yesterday. I thought he would be harder to photograph than his sister, but as it turns out, he was hamming it up for the camera just fine.  Aidan is my adorable little firecracker.  Unlike his sister, Aidan is not eager to please. He has his own opinions about everything and marches to the beat of his own drum. Admirable qualities in an adult, but in a child... he, he. I love my boy, and he sure does give me a run for my money! I love my strong-willed little man, always and forever. Happy Birthday to my 7 year old boy! 

On a side note, as for as siblings, I don't think they could be any more different. Aidan is quiet and pensive; Mia is outspoken. Mia is very conscientious of others; Aidan is more interested in the pursuit of his own passion. With Aidan, I could be in the midst of the most serious measures of discipline, and he will look at me straight int he eyes and say "no." For Mia, I only need to give her a look of disapproval and she starts to cry. For those of you with more than one child, do you find your children to be similar or different?
Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Release Preview


Remember these?  We will have a small amount of inventory available on December 12 for our handmade Holiday Release!!  Again, these shoes will be soft-soled only and size 3-8.  More details will be posted on our website over the next few days, along with additional styles.

Latte for Your Thoughts

darling little print by Blimp Cat

Awhile back I blogged about how I was considering giving up coffee.  Well, a few weeks later, and I definitely have cut back.  I would say most days I have green tea, and some days {especially Saturdays} I break out the French press.  I do feel healthier, fresher, and not so sluggish in the morning.  I still drink coffee, just less often, and savor it even more when I do.  However, today I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and hoping I will find the solutions to my problems at the bottom of a venti soy misto.  Yes, you heard me, one giant cup of coffee.  My little man's birthday is today, so I want to take a few photos of him.  {He is much less hammy than his sister, so it won't be easy.}  We also have both children's family party and kid party over the weekend.  But, I am also inundated with work projects.  I swore up and down last year that I wouldn't let work steal the joys of the holidays for the kids, so I will hold to that.  Nonetheless, with my entire family's birthdays in a one week span and a daunting list of things to do... it is busy, indeed.

To that end, I might have to forgo DIY's for the month of December.  I love DIYs--love them.  And I have materials for about 2 months worth of projects and some great Christmas ones, too.  So, I hate to cut them out, but I don't know if I can manage it.  If I can swing it, I will drop some in at random times.  If not, I found some great ones on the web, and will try to repost some of my favorites on Wednesdays.

If you are wondering why I have so much to do, part is attributed to the 9 new styles coming out in January.  Yes, 9 styles--yay!  I think you will love them., especially the boots.  These styles are a little more feminine this go around with touches of sparkle and notes of the perfect shade of burnt, blush pink.  Additionally, since this is the first year we are taking the shoes into production, all the seasons end up mushed together.  So I am designing summer and fall '12 simultaneously--and very behind with both, to be honest.  So, here I am, looking for a bit of magic in my coffee cup, and so far only turning up the jitters.  But, in truth, how can I possibly complain, as it's all wonderful things to keep me busy.  Wishing the same for you, whatever your Wednesday brings... hustling, bustling joy, but with moments of quite and rest interspersed.



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