Thursday, January 19, 2012

Because you asked...

Jacket by Ralph Lauren, dress by JCrew, scarf by Zara Kids, and shoes by Joyfolie.

I had a customer ask if I thought our red Julie shoe would transition okay into spring.  I think the answer is absolutely yes!  Maybe you might look at a red shoe and picture it with a red dress and not much else.  But actually {and this goes for women as well as little girls} one of the best ways to wear red is in one accent only.  Basically pick one item, in this case the shoes, to be red and nothing else.  The result is a fun pop of color and a look that isn't too matchy matchy.

In fact, you can get 30% off our Julie shoes as well as our Zoe boots now through Sunday with the code JZSHOP30.



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Mia Joie
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