Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY Wednesday - Vintage Shoe Card


Happy Wednesday!  To get you through the middle of the week, I have a DIY for you.  Okay, I confess, DIY is a bit of a stretch, as it's more like a free printable.  But, the creative idea is still the same: a simple craft with supplies and details to make them yourself.

I want to extend a special thanks to my good friend, Karri, who painted the vintage shoe illustration we are using for the card.  {You will see this image again on our women's shoe box!}  Karri is a part of Joyfolie's creative team, and she illustrates the original artwork for many of our custom fabrics.  I asked how she felt about giving her artwork away in a free printable, and she was graciously all for it!  And, by the way, just wait until you see some of florals that Karri and I collaborated on in our summer collection!

Back to the card, let's talk supplies. For just a few bucks, you can get the following items at Hobby Lobby:
pack of note cards {4" x 5.5" standard size}
ploy flake
memory book glue pen

Next, download the free printable card here.   {Simply use the right click on your mouse to save.}  Print the image onto your blank note cards, changing the paper settings to 8 inch width and 5.5 inch height. 

Using the glue pen, apply glue to the vintage shoe only, then sprinkle with poly flake.  And voilĂ --happy little note card, perfect for a thank you, birthday or any occasion!

Hope you enjoy!!

And here is another photo from our new spring line!  Little brown-rubbed distressed boots, perfect for your future fashionista!  Coming the end of the month in size 4- youth 1!


Kimberlee Haag @ Enough Faith for Today said...

I “pinned” your boots to my Pinterest account and they have been re-pinned like crazy! Can’t wait to order mine!

emily said...

cutest boots ever.

Windy Ridge said...

LOVE these, Jessica!

cestMoi Sandy said...

Love 'm too!

Bnayy101 said...

how much are they going to be?

M&D=3 said...

Where can I order them?


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