Monday, January 16, 2012

Steve Jobs

Over the holiday I read the biography of Steve Jobs.   I found the journey of his life riveting, and his failures and shortcomings equally as captivating as his successes.   More than he was a genius, he was a visionary.  His passion acted as fuel, pushing him and sustaining an entire company to new levels of innovation.

When I was teaching college writing, I would frequently encounter a certain type of attitude from a student: clearly smart, but not willing to put forth the work.  I remember asking one of my classes which they thought was more important: aptitude or drive.  I was shocked while the whole class lobbied for the former.  Personally, I think intellect or talent or strength is irrelevant without vision.   We may be good at something, but it doesn't matter if we aren't willing to work and fight and pursue the things we deem important.  Steve Jobs was a fervent and unwavering visionary, driven by his passion and pursuit of perfection.  I think the Mac '84 ad campaign was his personal manifesto: "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."


Laura Varsanyi said...

It is true. Richard Branson was dyslexic but had ideas and drive.

Jessica Haley said...

It's one of the fundamental truths I want to impart to my children: to pursue a relationship with our Creator and to believe in the power of their dreams :)


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