Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY Wednesday - Gumball Necklace

Beautiful bouquet by Flourish Designs. Photography by Sarah Maren

It's not a secret that bright, enamel jewelery has been a trend for awhile now.  One of the things I love about Joyfolie is taking some of today's modern trends and applying them to little girls.  So, considering Easter is this weekend, the profusion of candy, and the chunky jewelry trend, I have the perfect DIY for you.  I took the color inspiration of coral, lilac, and teal in the lovely bouquet above and used similar hues in this necklace, perfect for your little gal's Easter basket {or perhaps equally fun as birthday party favors}:

So, here is what you need:

satin or fake flowers
gems {optional}
fabric glue or glue gun

a metal skewer

Reading through the material list, this DIY is for a gumball necklace!  You may like the fun, ephemeral nature of the materials.  If you don't like that and want it to be lasting, I have tips for that at the bottom.

So, to start, use your skewer to poke holes in all your gumballs:



Next, take your ribbon, and wrap the end with a piece of tape {makes it easier to thread} and push the ribbon through the gumball, knotting the ribbon in between each one.  I used wasabi tape, so you could see what I mean.

Add enough gumballs until you feel the necklace looks complete.

Next comes the fun part.  Using satin, felt and/or fake flowers, embellish the necklace.  Since it's made out of gumballs {and going to get drooled all over} I would suggest making the flowers into a clip that can be used after the candy is eaten.  I have a tutorial HERE with tips on how to make a flower clip similar to the one in the photo.  Or, if you really want the entire necklace to be lasting, you can purchase bubble gum beads on Etsy HERE.

Hope you enjoy!


Stef said...

Adorable! Only you would find the perfect shiny gumballs for such a pretty edible accessory!

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks for your note, Stef! I wish I could say I was the first one to think of a gumball necklace :)

Jenna said...

I love this!! Where do we find beautiful shiny gum balls like this??

kristel said...

How brilliant! And it looks so fancy: who would guess? I love your color choices, too.

Coffee and Cashmere said...

Such a great craft for little girls!! Thanks for this.

Ana said...

Love this one :D

Jessica said...

Jenna, Nicole on our staff found those gumballs at a gift shop in the city. I would check toy stores with a bulk candy section; those usually offer gumballs :) Or you can search on the internet for "pearl gumballs". Hope that helps!

Audrey - This Little Street said...

Another genius idea of yours :)

LaValya said...

What a cute idea, I love it as a party favor, it's funny because I've always loved the candy jewelry for my girls but it never even crossed my mind to make them!!!! Love it, and it's nice to see you blog again, hope all is going well

ShannonFlourish said...

Super cute! The brooch bouquet you used as inspiration was actually designed by The picture was taken by I am so happy you found it so inspirational!

Jessica Haley said...

Shannon, thanks so much for letting me know! I updated to reflect the credits! Generally, I email the owner of the photo, but I ran an images search in google and still couldn't find the original source. So glad you let me know! Beautiful bouquet!! XOXO - Jessica

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Rosa said...

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xo Rosy!

M said...

Do you have a tutorial on the silk flowers? LOVE! Such great ideas!! Thanks for offering these tutorials.

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Quanessa Blatch said...

Thank you for this tutorial! I found the shiny gumballs at Target in the party area.

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jj fairley vassell said...

What size ribbon did you use? 3 / 8 inch?

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