Tuesday, May 22, 2012

About Joyfolie Women's Shoes

Last week we launched our women's shoes on our site, so I thought it would be appropriate to share with you all the thoughts behind this brand new line.  In particular, I have had a few customers ask about flats and why our first styles are heels.  Joyfolie, as you may know, is not the product of a corporate think tank but a young, independently owned company that grew out of my Etsy shop.  We have been producing our kids shoes for not quite a full year now, and I always felt that women's shoes would be a natural extension of the brand.  Why heels first, you ask?  Being a petite 5'2" I wear heels nearly every day.  In general, I prefer something in a wedge because it's a little bit more casual and quite comfortable... since I wear these high heels chasing after my kids.  

Additionally, our little girls line features extraordinary packaging, a coordinating clip and to keep a light eco foot print, they come in organic bags rather than boxes.  In fact, the idea behind Joyfolie packaging is that it feels special... like a present or thoughtful gift.

So, for our women's shoes we did much of the same.  Our Alma wedges are very comfortable {which was my mandate} and come with punchy little floral clips.  So, if you want the versatility of an every day shoe, you have that.  But if you want a shock of color that is on trend--then you have that, too.   {It was my daughter Mia's suggestion that the clips also be worn on the ankle strap.}

In creating the women's shoes, it was my goal to use the best materials possible: real leather, real cork, and high quality rubber soles that are comfortable and absorb shock.  Or, in the case of the Lou shoes, high quality vegan faux leather.  Our women shoes, just like our little girls, are very feminine/fashion-y.  They are about being fun and unique, as well as a quality shoe that will last for years, rather than a single season.

Alma in Tangelo without the shoe clips being worn by me!

My mantra as I thought about the women's line was to use the very best of everything we possibly could and include special extras.  So, not only is the shoe box itself lovely, but rather than tissue which is thrown away, the shoes come packed with an organic market toe.  It is adjustable and ties in a bow.  The quote on the bag is a screen print of my own hand writing that reads, "I never sleep because I'm afraid of missing out on something beautiful."  It was quite apropo, since I finalized the design work for the bag at 3 am!

I took the tote to our local farmer's market and photographed it there in the photo below.  It would also be great used at the beach or carrying some of the many sundries my kiddos seem to necessitate.

Far and away, the most difficult part of launching our first women's shoes was narrowing it down to a handful of styles.  It was nearly agonizing picking the first kids styles, and picking our first ever women's styles were no different.  If you are wishing for flats or perhaps more of a work-wear heel or something more true vintage... then I hope you will stay tuned because fall will be here before we know it!

Most of all, I hope you love the women's shoes as much as I do!


Ashley said...

LOVE! Fabulous! Wonderful! Love the tote too!!

Erin said...

Every aspect of this is just amazing to me, congratulations, absolutely beautiful!

Laura said...

It is so fun to know all the details of your shoes. It will make my new pair all the more special! Thanks.

tamlov said...

this is the best of everything...

Anonymous said...

Please make some womens boots like those cute ones you make for children!

Region 6 She Women's Ministries said...

Hi Jessica, I love, love, love your blog!! My daughter is expecting, praying for a little girl so I can get the adorable bootie patterns xo. I have a question do you have a pattern or tutorial for the tote you show in the picture that you took to the farmers market? I would love to get it!!!

cestMoi Sandy said...

Oh, Jessica
You did good girl!
Love the wedge heels! I have bad knees and a bad back. So wedge heels are still so super girly and feminine yet good for my horrid knees and back.
I was told by the doctor it gives more stability.
I am 5.5" not a real shorty, but with daughters that our growing taller than I am.

How high is your wedges?
They do seem a tad bit high...

Love the tote too...
I always think I miss out on beautiful things!
If I sleep or blink even

Congrats to you and the family. It is a family affair!



leslie said...

Is there any way I could purchase just the totes? I checked your website and etsy but didn't see them...I'd love to own one, they are so neat!

SarahJ. said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! I found out about your gorgeous heels through Jones Design Company blog and took advantage of the discount and purchased the yellow heels that were featured in her blog. Thank you for creating such a fabulous wedge- I am 5'1 and need a heel- they are amazingly comfortable and wonderfully made! I cannot wait to see what else you come up with!

Did I mention that they were a perfect fit?!

Thank you again! (Also, your shoe box, organic market tote, adorable envelope, and the rosette inside made me feel guilty.... I felt as though I was robbing you b/c of all the extra goodies you included.)

I am so happy with my purchase and cannot wait to tell everyone about your amazing shoes. (My niece will be born this October, so I am dying to buy her a pair when she gets older.) THANK YOU!

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