Monday, June 4, 2012

New Summer Styles!!


Tonight at 9 pm CST we are releasing several new children's shoes like the Mona in a glazed watercolor floral, the Brielle created for my daughter who wanted a shoe with a "little bit of heel," and the Loralie skimmers in the perfect shade of yellow.  These shoes are in stock and ready for shipment, some sizes extending up to youth 5!  

Additionally, visit our facebook page for a one-night-only discount on past styles!

Finally, to all of the moms who {like me!} are adjusting to the hectic end of the school year, we wish you a joyful transition into summer!


kids footwear said...

Be sure to take your kid with you to the shoe store when shopping. Just like adults, kids must try on their shoes to ensure comfort and a good fit. Your child should wear the type of socks that he or she typically will wear when wearing shoes.

Stiletto High Heels said...

I am a shoe-lover myself and you're right, they're really beautiful! Hope all kids like these shoes with flowers.
Anyway, I have a question and this is totally out of topic: how high is high for you as far as high heels go?

Choosing an essay topic said...

These are really very sweet shoes to come across....I just love the way these are designed and the colours are simply adorable to me...I wish I could get the similar ones for my children too..!!


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