Monday, January 30, 2012

Spring Launch!


We will be offering all our boots, including the houndstooth boots above, Spectator boots, oil-rubbed brown boots, and the Kat shoes on Tuesday at 9 pm CST.  Additional styles, like the Genevieve, will be available shortly after.   Shoes will be available in toddler 4 - youth 1!  These items will be appearing on our website with pricing and release date shortly!


Friday, January 27, 2012

More Loopy Skirt Photos

Recently, I put together a tutorial {found here} that Mia and I call the loopy skirt.  I took a few photos, so you could see what the skirt looks like worn.  The shoes are Joyfolie Spring '12, available early next week!

That's my girl.  Definitely fierce and always on the go... ;)

Again, the script shoes below will be available early next week.  I will be posting a launch date by the end of today!  The pattern on the shoes are a custom printed linen; the words read: "And though she be but little, she is fierce" - Shakespeare


Mia and I made the ruffled bow for the t-shirt, too.  Also, your skirt will turn out better if you overlap the loops a little better than I did, and you can layer another skirt or leggings underneath. ;)

Happy Friday!  TGIF!!!
Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY Wednesday - Loopy Skirt


Have you survived the middle of the week so far?  We had rain and power outages last night!  I have a DIY post for you today... a Joyfolie original.  I was thinking about the tutu, and how it's a really easy skirt to make.  However, the tutu is fluffy and frilly.  That can be good in its own right, but I had something a little more modern in my mind's eye, so I came but with this:Photobucket

Mia and I call it the loopy skirt.  It is really easy, fairly quick, and involves minimal sewing.  You will, however, need a sewing machine.  So, getting started, here is what you need:

2 t-shirts
spool of wide ribbon
matching thread

sewing machine
fabric scissors

Let's talk materials.  For the t-shirt, pick something medium weight, not too heavy and not too thin.  I would avoid something with a lycra blend, as it will be harder to sew.   You want the shirt to be approximately 18" across the width.  A number of t-shirts fit that size: girls L, boys M, womens M.  This measurement of 18" is very forgiving, as you can just make your shorter tier of loops a little longer or shorter.  You will need 2 shirts to make one skirt.  Once you have your shirts, cut them into 1" strips that are roughly 18" long like this {although a little more even than my illustration...sorry!}:
All together, I used 20 strips to make Mia's skirt.  She is 4 years old, but little for her age, so you will need a little more or less depending on size.

Next, you will need your ribbon.  Wrap it around the waist of whoever you are making the skirt for, and cut enough to wrap around the waist and tie in a bow.  On my daughter, Mia that was 52".  Now, mark the part of the ribbon that wraps around her waist {excluding the bow} and mark with pins or a fabric pen.  For Mia, that was 23".

Next, fold each loop in half, with one side slightly shorter and place it on marked part of the ribbon, overlapping each new loop, like this:

Here are all the loops read to be pinned.  {Note the arm of my helper.}

Next, pin each loop like the picture below.  If you pin this way, you can sew over your pins, which will make it a lot easier!

For the final step, which I do not have pictured, sew your loops onto the skirt along the top and bottom of the ribbon.  I found it was easiest to do this ribbon side up, not removing the pins until after I was done sewing.

The result is a fun little twirl skirt:

Mia really likes hers {although I confess, she made me remake one in pink, too!}  I will add, though, that you will want her to wear leggings, shorts or even another skirt underneath, since the skirt is only tied on and the loops can separate a little depending how she sits or plays in it.

This particular color pairing is perfect with our new shoes, coming out next week!  The pattern is a Shakespeare quote that reads: "and though she be but little she is fierce."  So fitting for my little girl!Photobucket

It is pouring down rain here and dark as night, but as soon as the weather clears, I will post photos of the shoes and skirt worn together!  Happy sewing!!

*** Update***
Here is a photo of the skirt worn... For more photos click here.
Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Change the World with our Own Two Hands

Check out this little video for the Makerie 2012!  I am getting so excited for April!  Hope to see you there!!

{The Makerie is a creative retreat in Boulder, Colorado.  Last year I was a teacher, and while Joyfolie was too busy for me to teach this year, I will be there for the weekend and also giving a forum.  Click here for details!}
Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Folie - Gray and Yellow

photo from here

Today's photo folie shoes are another from our new spring line, but the photo styling is drawn from the image above.  Gray and canary yellow are such a classic pairing, especially with a tiny bit of fuchsia mixed in and a nice bit of pattern.

So, too, our new shoes {available end of the month} feature tonal grays, a fun but versatile pattern, and sparkly stone.  {Truly--these shoes really sparkle!!}  They are called the Delani and coming soon in size 4- youth 1:


Here Mia {my daughter} is modeling them with a skirt we made together in the studio.  I am hoping to post a DIY for it, or something similar.


I couldn't resist posting this print from Fern Tree Studios... so happy and cute!
Happy Friday!  TGIF, right?!


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