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My name is Jessica Haley, and this is my personal blog. It's a living journal: an honest analogue with photographs and writings of the journey of my life. Mostly it is about the tenuous balance of manifesting the dreams of my business in harmony with meeting the needs of my two lovely and brilliantly messy children, Aidan and Mia. My husband, Robert, is a wine buyer, and we both share a passion for good food, good wine, and interesting travels. 

Discovering my vocation has been a rambling road. I used to teach college writing, but on a whim and under the prompting of a friend, I sold a pair of handmade shoes I hand made for Mia on Etsy. Rapidly and unexpectedly, my shoes garnished press and large order inquiries. Now I have a small staff and sell a variety of manufactured and handmade products. It's an interesting, crazy, and unpredictable life.



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