"True art is characterized by the irresistible urge in the creative artist."

My studio is not an exceptional place, in and of itself. It is just four walls with one unimpressive window. But it is significant to me because like most creative people, I often feel that irrefutable draw to create. Since I was young, I always dreamed of a studio... a vibrant, ecclectic space filled with paintings, pottery, and pretty textiles. So, I am very happy to finally have one! Also, it has been a necessary space as my business has grown because it also houses all my inventory {some of it sizable} and gives my staff an organized place to work.

I have been intending to take several photos of the entire studio and post it all at once. However, as the months have dragged on and I had yet to post anything, I decided I will update this link with photos and snippets over time. I'd love to show you the velvet chase I have in there, the vintage cabinet I refinished with glass knobs, or Gloria {the dress form so named by Robert.} Some day, I'll get a wide angle lens and show you those photos.

In the meantime, I took just a few random pictures of some of my favorite things: a colorful bit of trim my friend gave me, a piece of vintage fabric with a French stamp, the glazed faith dish. The latter two items were sent to me by a customer, which makes me love them all the more.

I have several of these tags, that I am going to use to label baskets of yarn, scraps of fabric, and other sundries. I bought these from the Blue Pearl, a lovely shop with excellent customer service.

I have a huge inspiration board dripping with clippings out of magazines, unique swatches of fabric, and vibrant photos. You can see how I made the push pins in the photo below in this tutorial. The shoes were one of the very first pairs I ever made.

As I said, over time I will post more, but in the interim, it will give you a little peak at some of the items in my little space.


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